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About Me

Jackie Porter has been in the financial services industry for 17 years serving over 400 families and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Her practice focuses on investment planning, cash flow management, risk management and tax planning. In her role as a Certified Financial Planner, she helps busy professionals make informed decisions around their finances by helping them to see their financial circumstances clearly. This is accomplished by working with her clients’ “team of advisors” to create a “360″ degree snapshot of current and future financial circumstances. A regular contributor to Woman magazine, Jackie was also on Senator Vivenne Poy’s Task Force for Young Entrepreneurs back in 2011. Jackie was interviewed on CBC news world in 2010 and Sun News in 2013 and the topic was how to make the most of your RRSP contribution. Jackie currently serves on the Board of Directors for Advocis Toronto and served for 2 years on the Board for Advocis Peel Halton, an organization that regulates financial planners. She also is a featured speaker and advocate for numerous corporate, nonprofit and charitable organizations. Jackie also acts as a consultant to the Toronto District School Board on the subject of financial literacy in the school system.


Specialties: Working with legal and healthcare professionals as well as small to medium sized businesses who need someone at the table working on their behalf. Working with professionals who have received a settlement or severance package and want to proactively map out tax and retirement options.


Previous associations that helped to gather experience

My 360º Process

I specialize in working with legal and healthcare professionals; take a look below at my 360º process to see how I can bring value in how you see your financial circumstances. The 360 Degree Snapshot is comprised of these five essential components. During the process of constructing a financial plan, each different component must be properly addressed. My goal is to ensure that every client takes full advantage of all their financial planning opportunities.


I believe that it is imperative to take the time necessary to learn who my client is and what is important to them. I also believe that it is essential that I stay abreast of the many changes in the financial world so as to be totally prepared to meet my clients’ goals.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the first area of every financial plan that needs to be carefully examined. Maintaining a positive cash flow is the key to creating a solid foundation to build on when striving to meet your financial goals.

Risk Management*

Once cash flow is being properly managed, protecting yourself is the next step in a financial plan. Here I look at ensuring that you are secure regardless of any unforeseen events occurring in your life.

Tax Planning**

The third step towards financial independence is making sure that you are not paying more than your fair share of taxes. This can be determined through an analysis of income sources and all available opportunities.

Investment Planning

After having created a solid foundation for your financial well-being, the next step is investment planning. Through asset allocation and risk tolerance models I assist you in reaching your short and long-term investment goals.

Estate Planning

The last area to address in your financial plan is the Estate Plan.  Here we ensure that your Will and Powers of Attorney are current. We also assess whether or not your assets will flow tax effectively to the beneficiaries of your estate.  It is important to note that you are never too young to do Estate Planning.

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